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Why Insulate with Sprayed Polyurethane?

The Best Reasons

  • Air barrier

  • Ecological: contains recycled products

  • Moisture and mold resistant

  • Complies with CAN/ULC S705.1 material standard

  • Waterproofing: seals the walls hermetically

  • Continuity: no joints

  • Zero ODS: no ozone depleting substances

  • Vapor barrier

  • Increases structural rigidity

  • Approved by the Canadian Construction Materials Center (CCMC)

  • Stable

  • LEED credits

  • Increased protection against radon

  • R-factor of R-6.2 per inch; the highest on the market

  • Perfect adhesion

Avoid infiltration of air and humidity .


The essential situations

  • Containers, machines, truck boxes

  • steel beams or columns

  • underside of concrete slab

  • locations with complex geometry and hard-to-reach places

  • foundation walls

  • the edge joists (the junction between the floor and the above-ground walls)

  • the back of the ducts

Insulation standards

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